Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pilgrim Treats

Hi all!! Just a quick stop in...made some treats for colleagues and my daughter's teachers at school for Thanksgiving. The file is an svg file from SVGCuts. The files are from the Thankful Cuties collection. Nothing too fancy, but just enough since I had to make close to 25 of them. I also made a few extras and they are going to be used as napkin ring holders. :)

Here they are-

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween everyone!! I have been swamped since school started. I am teaching a multiage class this year of first and second graders. I love it and love the kiddos, but it is double the work. I am still adjusting for sure.

I finally got a day to craft with Hurricane Sandy visiting the east coast. I didn't go for complex; I went for simple. I started around 10 and ended around 7:30 on Sunday. I made 50 goody bags with little bat toppers, 25 witch hat lollipop holders, 10 witch hat treat boxes and 1 jack-o-lantern treat box. So much fun! All the files are svgs from SVGCuts. Check them out. The Gimme Candy boxes are simple and quick to mass produce. The bat treat topper is from the Elmhurst collection and I welded 2 together. The lollipop holders are a freebie.

 Bat goody bag toppers

Lollipop holders

Witch hat boxes
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sweets for the Sweets

My final crafty project for the time being is also for colleagues.

This again is an SVGCuts file. It is a candy bar wrapper. I resized it for a regular size candy bar.

The adjusted size is w5.527 and h5.670 for the outside piece and for the inside piece it is w7.177 and h2.163.

Here is what I came up with.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

What's for lunch??

This project is for my immediate teammates. The girls I spend each and every day with amongst our 125 little first graders. I would be lost without them.

Here is what I made to welcome them back to the new year. Each box is decorated with their classroom theme. The file is from Miss Baker's Classroom at SVGCuts. Check it out!

I used gift bag filler in the bottom of the boxes and then filled them with candy snack packs. What a great "lunch" right?? :)
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Let's Stick Together

Hi everyone! Here comes a few days worth of work. I have several projects I have been working on and will post blogs about them throughout the week.

The first project is for school tomorrow. I made 50 goody bags for our first day of Teacher Work Week tomorrow.  The kiddos don't start back until after Labor Day. I thought it would be cool to welcome my colleagues back in a crafty way.

Here is what I came up with!

This last picture shows what is inside the bag. The theme is "sticking" together so included is a gluestick, chapstick, stickers, stick of gum and sticky notes.
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Peyton's 6th Luau Birthday Party

Ok so here are the actual party pictures. I think everyone had a great time!


The guest of honor

Party room

Table centerpieces

Birthday banner

Front patio

Sand art station and limbo dance floor

Party yumminess

Clam cookies

Flip flop nutter butter cookies

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Aloha:: Luau Themed Birthday Party

Look at me posting two days in a row!! I hope I can keep it up!

Today's post has to do with my daughter's (Peyton) 6th birthday party. We are celebrating next weekend, but her actual birthday is August 31st. She was almost a sapphire. :)

We tossed around many themes. At first it was going to be an Angry Birds theme. She loved playing at one point, but that dwindled recently so that theme was tossed out and the luau theme was born.

Here are some pictures.

Going to wrap all the tables like this (a total of 4 small tables, the island in the kitchen and the kitchen table). Buying grass skirts was just too expensive. Instead green butcher block paper.

Straw wraps- I am infatuated with these things!! I ordered the straws from Etsy. The scallop cut is a freebie from SVGCuts. The cuts on the scallops are mostly from SCAL.

Party favors with a tag on it that says Mahalo (Hawaiian for Thank You). I print-to-cut the tag in eCAL. Inside the sand pail ($1 at Five and Below) are a bunch of luau and beach themed goodies from Oriental Trading and some candy.

The invitation- another freebie file from SVGCuts. I welded 2 bodies together and printed the info on the right side using print-to-cut. The eyes I handpainted on with brown and white paint. The nose is pink Stickles.

Handmade hair clips for the kids to wear at the party. I tried picking out the most tropical ones I could at the Dollar Tree. I also got the hair clips there as well. Once home I pulled the flowers off the stems and hot glued them to the clips. Super easy!

Palm tree table centerpieces. Found this on Pinterest. Paper towel things, burlap, twine and marbles to hold them in place. Another super easy craft. They didn't take long at all.

There's also two banners made. One says Happy Birthday in a beachy font and the other says Aloha. They were just too big to hang for the picture. Day of the party though I will get some.

Look for another Luau Party Post next Saturday night after the guests leave to get the look of the whole party.

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